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Hello, When members receive emails from my site (e.g. new messages or letters), the emails show up as 'unverified' in Gmail (a big question mark icon shows up beside the email address). It ends up looking like spam as a result. I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to get those messages to appear as verified.

I use the 'mail' mailtype option in the configuration (which I think just uses the PHP mail function) but my hosting provider says that I should use SMTP. I have never been able to get SMTP to work (not even sure how to configure it). On my host account, both DKIM and SPF appear to be setup correct (as per Google's requirement). I am not sure what else is needed.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Message sent from osDate appear appear in Gmail as unverified
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Hi arievaul,

I don't think anyone has a full proof way to get this right, as I have massive companies with from PHP Developers to internet gurus in my Gmail and Yahoo and yet their emails still end up going to spam also.

Even facebook emails end up in the spam box in today's emails.

I have a few of my sites set to SMTP and it still will end up in the spam, Only thing I can suggest if to mark your site emails as safe and also mark not spam and put it in the emails where you members do the same and mark the email as safe.
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