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Title: Mailgun Email SMTP-Addon for osDateEvo v1.3
Post by: Pharg on July 20, 2018, 08:48:07 AM
Hi Members.

Massive thanks to CBG for another amazing addon for osDateEvo.

Once this is setup, Your emails will work perfectly.

1. Insert database rows

Open phpMyAdmin go to your osDate database and click SQL, then paste in the below

Code: [Select]
INSERT INTO `osdate_glblsettings` (`config_variable`, `config_value`, `description`, `groupid`, `update_time`) VALUES ('MAILGUN_KEY', '', 'Mailgun Key', '4', NULL);
INSERT INTO `osdate_glblsettings` (`config_variable`, `config_value`, `description`, `groupid`, `update_time`) VALUES ('MAILGUN_DOMAIN', '', 'Mailgun Domain', '4', NULL);

Or use the MailGun.sql provided. Please Make Sure Your Prefix is the same as your Database.
Example in above the Prefix is osdate_ You will need to edit the sql first.

Yours might be example `myosdatename_glblsettings`

2. Setup Mailgun

   To use Mailgun go to www.mailgun.com
   Signup and login

   They have a Free service and a paid service, please check out your options which is best for you

2.1. Click on Domains.  Follow the video down the bottom right cotner if you get stuck at www.mailgun.com You will have to click it and enlarge it to watch.

2.2. Click on and Add New your Domain.

       No sub-domain like it suggests, just the main part of the domain,
       Click Add your Domain.

2.4. Set the DNS zones as in 2 and 3, there is no need to do the MX Records.
      - So the 2 TXT and CNAME Records

2.5. Click Continue to Domain Overview.

2.6. Click on Check DNS Record Now,
      - If all goes green, for the TXT and CNAME records all is good.

2.7. Click on Domains.

2.8. Click on the domain you just added.

2.9. Copy the API Key - Including the key- bit

3.    Upload all the changed and new files in the attachment below. Highly Recommend you upload the zip folder then extract with
       your servers File Manager Extraction Tools, over ride your old files.

4. Go into osDateEvo admin and to Global settings.

4.1. Click on the Dropdown and go to Mail settings.

4.2. Change Mail Type to:: MailGun

4.3: Set the Mailgun Key to the API Key from step 9

4.4: Set the Mailgun Domain with the Domain you put in at step 3.

5. Test the email in your site.

Title: Re: Mailgun Email SMTP-Addon for osDateEvo v1.3
Post by: Mermandams on August 11, 2018, 02:29:52 AM
Has anyone had the problem where the site disappears and just shows this message "Mailgun Magnificent API" after setting Mailgun up?
Title: Re: Mailgun Email SMTP-Addon for osDateEvo v1.3
Post by: Pharg on August 11, 2018, 02:41:18 AM
Hi Mermandams,

What do you mean the site disappears ?

Have not seen any problems before as yet.

You don't have to use mailgun, it's just a added option, you can use Mail.