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What's in osDate script 2.xx
« on: January 09, 2015, 06:30:51 AM »
What's in osDate script 2.xx

This write up describes additions and modifications for osDate 2.x.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version to osDate 2.x, please perform a FULL BACKUP (including web files and database content) and take special precaution with the .php and .tpl files that you may have changed or modified. If you are loading osDate 2.0 into a different directory from the existing one (the preferred method of upgrade), then copy your existing config.php to the new root directory before starting upgrader program.

Any user upgrading from 1.1.8 patch 03 or earlier, YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS after upgrading to 2.0:

a)   After upgrading osDate by re-running the installer, you should run /admin/modifyuserstatus.php to fix the Active Flag values. Simply open this file with your web browser to execute the file.

In 2.0, interface programs are provided to use PHPBB or VBulletin or MyBB or Phorum as your forum. These are proprietary bulletin board systems, however, and are not "bundled" with the osDate core. Rather an "interface" is provided to allow integration with osDate. In 2.0, you must install the forum of your choice separately from osDate, and set the forum choice in the Global Settings admin tool. You can install PHPBB, VBulletin, MyBB or Phorum under the DOC_ROOT directory of your site, or in the /forum/ sub-folder (sub-folder is STRONGLY recommended to avoid possible file conflicts!). For example, /osdate/phpBB2 or /osdate/forum/phpBB2 (if the osDate root is in /osdate/). Once you install any one forum, using the admin Global Settings you should define the forum you are using, as well as the relative forum path. Then you can start using forum integrated with osDate. phpBB is NOT BUNDLED with osDate any longer.

This release includes a mechanism to develop plugins, and an interface is available to manage the existing (bundled) plugins. It's the hope of the osDate development team that programmers elsewhere will expand on osDate's functionality by adding plugins. About 10 plugins are included by default. Please read the full documentation about the methods implemented if you're going to create your own, and see some plugins before you start development work of new plugin. (libs/modOsDate/doc/modOsDate/modPlugin.html)

You must define the profile question sections in the language of your choice if you want to enable the multi-language option for profile questions. Each plugin also has its own language file. Unfortunately, that means that it will probably be a long time before the bundled plugins are fully translated to all languages (any takers?)

New Additions

1. Upgraded installer. Config settings after installation are now stored in /myconfigs/ . The zip codes and languages are not loaded by default during installation any longer. They should be loaded in the osDate admin panel after installation.

2.   New program to load States into database. This program will help to load states into your database for a selected country. Also, it will allow you to delete already loaded states for a selected country from your database.

3.   New program to load cities into the database. This program will help to load cities into the database for a selected country. Also, it will allow you to delete already loaded cities for a selected country from the database.

4.   New program to load counties into the database. This program will help to load counties into the database for a selected country. Also, it will allow you to delete already loaded counties for a selected country from the database.

5.   Blogging has been introduced. Admins and users can set up their own blogs. Admin blogs are viewable to general public, and users can view blogs of other users, if they have sufficient permissions. A voting system and commenting system is built-in.

6.   Users can now manage their own Watched Profiles list. A new program is provided to manage user watched profiles. When the user is looking at the profile of another member, they can add that profile to their watched list, if it is not already in the list. Using the link 'Watched Profiles' from the menu, they can manage the list. Affected files include: showprofile.php and /templates/default-blue/nickpage_navi.tpl and

7.   Admins can now remove user pictures. The link is given in the profile management page in the admin section. The picture count (in user profile viewer) is a link to display pictures for the user. There is a delete button to delete the user's picture. The main picture and thumbnail will be removed from system if the main picture is removed. The number of thumbnails displayed is controlled by the Global Setting "number of thumbnails to be displayed" in picture gallery in one row. Affected files include: profile.php, profile.tpl, showpics.php, showpics.tpl, language files.

8.   Spam control code entry has been introduced in severl files. This will force the user to enter the code shown as an image, before submission. Affected files include: language files, new program spam_image.php and following programs, and:

- signup.tpl and savesignup.php
- tellafriend.tpl and sendinvite.php
- feedback.tpl and feedback.php
- compose.tpl and compose.php
- changempass.tpl and modifympass.php

9.   Some of the fields in the user table have been made optional. The following fields from User Table are made non mandatory and if needed, and can be suppressed in the forms. These fields are set in Global Configuration table.


These fields can be defined as not visible, meaning these fields will be suppressed from various forms and the user will not see them. Some fields can be made visible but non mandatory. Affected files: glblsettings.php and glblsettings.tpl, signup.tpl, savesignup.php, edituser.tpl, modifyuser.php, admin/modifyprofile.php, admin/profileedit.tpl, nickpage_basic.tpl, userresultview.tpl, admin/userresultview.tpl, admin/nickpage_basic.tpl, advsearch.tpl, advsearch.php, admin/advsearch.php, admin/advmatch.tpl

10.   Membership level controls for messages that can be sent per day by a member have been added. Now you can define the number of messages a member is allowed to send per day, for the given membership level. This is done in the membership table using the Admin Manage Membership interface. Affected files include: admin/membership.php, admin/membership.tpl, admin/addmship.tpl, admin/savemship.php, language file, table structure osdate_membership, new table osdate_user_actions, mshipcompare.tpl, compose.php

11.   Membership level controls for the number of winks that can be sent per day by a member have been added. Now you can define the number of winks allowed to be sent by a member for the given membership level. This is done in the membership table using Admin Manage Membership interface. Affected files include: admin/membership.php, admin/membership.tpl, admin/addmship.tpl, admin/savemship.php, language file, table structure osdate_membership, new table osdate_user_actions, mshipcompare.tpl, sendwinks.php

12.   Profile questions and answers are now multi-language capable. Using the program /admin/convert_profile_questions.php, you must make the file profile_questions.php to upgrade from 1.x. This file is made in the DOC_ROOT/temp directory. After creation, copy this file to respective language directory and make the translations. The default is English and must be in the table as it is. If you are making any changes to an existing language, or adding new ones, you should create the file manually, and then keep language specific definitions in the language directory. Affected files include: /admin/convert_profile_questions.php, init.php, showprofile.php, editquestions.php, /admin/editprofilequestions.php, admin/showprofile.php

13. Snaps watermarking with picture has been introduced. This may take the place of Text watermarking, which is already available. This is done using the global parameter watermark_image. There is already a configuration parameter for watermark_snaps which is TEXT watermarking. This new parameter will provide for watermarking with images. The watermark images should be either jpg or png. If watermark_snaps is defined, it will override the watermark_image parameter. Affected files include: global parameter settings, getsnap.php

14.   Now the user menu can display all available options in the user menu, even if the user has insufficient priviledges to use it. This is set in global settings (display_all_menu_items). If this option is set to Y, the menu will list all options. However, clicking an unavailable option will show a message that asks the user to upgrade his or her membership level. Affected files include: language file, init.php, global settings, panelmenu.tpl

15.   AJAX based shoutbox is implemented. This must be enabled in global settings. Also, you can set the number of messages to be displayed and the maximum number of messages to be kept in the system. A small number of smilies are included with the shoutbox. Affected files include: shoutbox.php, shoutbox.tpl, shoutbox.js, init.php, index.php, leftcolumn.tpl, global settings table and form. Please note that the shoutbox could require a significant server load if many users are online simultaneously; thus, the shoutbox is not recommended for shared hosting servers. A text file-based version of the shoutbox is likely in a later version, to help reduce database load.

16.   A new interface is provided in the Admin Section to manage member-uploaded pictures. You can load and/or delete pictures of a user as well as change the album. From the profile listing window, click on the picture count. This will bring up the user pictures display page, just like userpicgallery. Then click on the Manage Pictures pictures on the right hand top corner to open the manage pictures page. Affected files include: userpics.tpl, userpics.php, saveuserpics.php, showpics.tpl, showpics.php

Pharg ( Phill )


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Re: What's in osDate script 2.xx
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 06:31:52 AM »
17.   Video profiles can now be loaded. This is controlled using the membership level settings. The directory /uservideos should be made writeable (777 or 755 or 744 depending on your server configuration) by PHP to ensure that uploaded videos can be saved. Affected files include: uploadvideos.php, admin/uploadvideos.php, uservideos.tpl, savevideo.php, admin/savevideo.php, showvideo.tpl, /videos directory with all files in it, nickpage_basic.tpl, uservideogallery.php, uservideogallery.tpl, language file, admin/profile.php, profile.tpl, panelmenu.tpl

The user menu has a new option to manage videos, if the user has sufficient permissions according to his or her membership level. Using this the user can load videos and assign them to different albums, if albums are allowed for the user level. In the profile display window, the number of videos loaded are noted. If it is more than 0, you can view the videos.

In the admin section, profile listing will now show the number of videos loaded. Clicking on this count presents the video management interface. A video conversion system called mpeg2flv has been integrated with osDate to permit automatic conversion to .flv format from .mpeg, .avi, and other common formats. This may not work on all systems, however, since mpeg2flv must be separately compiled for each server operating system.

18.   Improved mailing system. New HTML mail formats have been added, and for new osDate installations HTML emailing is the default configuration. The links in emails are clickable, and take the user to a login screen. The user is then forwarded to the appropriate destination page upon successful login.

Sending of winks, and several other actions, also have been integrated with the HTML mailing system. Affected files include: sendwinks.php, login.tpl, index.php, compose.php, language file, midlogin.php

19.   Email receiving preferences of the user can be set now. See the "My Settings" in panel menu. The settings that a user may set is based on the user's membership level.

Following emails receiving options can be set by the user: Message Received, Wink Received, Message Read, Added to Buddy/Ban/Hot list, Membership expiry letter from admin, Receiving Blog Comment. Affected files: mysettings.php, mysettings.tpl, sendwinks.php, admin/mship_expiry_letter.php, compose.php, mailmessages.php, buddybanlist.php, language file, blog class file.

20.   In Mysettings, the user can set if members in their buddy list can view their private albums. When the user clicks a buddy's private gallery, the password is bypassed in such cases.

21.   A provision has been added to resend confirmation link to a newly registered users. The user can request the confirmation link again. System will create a new password and send confirmation link, if the profile is not
already confirmed. Affected files: language file, resend_conflink.php, resend_conflink.tpl

22.   Now couple/group profiles can be created. The method is as follows:

a) First, individual profiles should be entered and activated.
b) Then create a couple profile where these individual profile's usernames can be referenced.
c) In the profile display window, the usernames of individual profiles will be displayed and can be clicked to view details of that user's profile. Thus, the "couple" is just the sum of 2 profiles. A "group" is the sum of more than 2 profiles.

Affected files: signup.php, savesignup.php, signup.tpl, edituser.php, modifyuser.php, edituser.tpl, showprofile.php, nick_basic.tpl, admin/showprofile.php, admin/nick_basic.tpl, admin/modifyprofile.php, admin/profileedit.tpl.

23.   A program to transfer pictures from DB to FileSystem and vice versa has been introduced. After logging into the admin section, the admin should start the program as follows:

a) To transfer pictures from FileSystem to DB: /admin/transferpics.php?action=FS2DB

b) To transfer pictures from DB to FileSystem: /admin/transferpics.php?action=DB2FS

Affected files: admin/transferpics.php

24.   "My Matches" email system has been introduced. This system is available only in when using HTML email, since it involves viewing of user profile summaries, including profile images. To implement this, you must create a "cronjob", which should be run independently of osDate's normal operation. (/cronjobs/mymatches_email.php). The cronjobs will send emails to all users who have not set their choice to receive mymatches emails or to those who have set their choice but the last email was sent before the said period. Affected files: language file, /cronjobs/mymatches_email.php

25.   Membership expiry reminder letters sending program can be run independently now using a cronjob. (/cronjobs/mship_expiry_reminders_email.php). It should be run as /cronjobs/mship_expiry_reminders_email.php?expiry=x where x = 0 for expired letters, x = number of days in which membership will expire. Affected files: /cronjobs/mship_expiry_reminders_email.php. Thus, you do not have to manually send these in the admin panel any more.s

26.   php121 instant messenger has been integrated. You need to enable this option in the global configuration settings. When this is enabled, corresponding tables will be added. Also, you need to set the respective membership level to access this program. e.g. by default, this is disabled in configuration settings and not allowed in any membership level. Enabling php121 will substantially increase your server load! If you do not have a dedicated server with a ton of resources available, do not enable this feature.

27.   From now onwards, the config.php file will be in the directory /myconfigs. This is moved to its own directory to avoid and/or reduce attacks on the root, and to afford greater protection (for example, you could add a .htaccess to this directory for added security).

28.   Lucky Spin plugin has been introduced (this was the first plugin!). This is a plugin which should be installed through
Admin Plugins interface. This will display, at random, a user photo and abridged profile in the left column. This will display only those users who have loaded photos into a public album, and will not display the user which was shown immediately before. The system may display the same picture twice, just not in a row. There is no rating system associated with Lucky Spin - for that, you'll need one of the "hot or not" plugins.

29.   Following additional plugins have been introduced:

Adult Questionnaire (adult-oriented, inspired by adultfriendfinder.com)
Compatability questionnaire (similar to eharmony.com)
Featured RSS Feeds
Google Maps (requires Google Maps API key, which you can generated for free at google.com/apis/)
Hot or Not (inspired by hotornot.com)
Advanced Hot or Not (inspired by hotornot.com)
Language Banners
My Friends List (inspired by myspace.com)
Payment History
My Profile Backup (inspired by EasySite)
Scrolling Gallery
Speed Dating
Auto-profile generator (a way to make your site "look active" quickly)

Some plugins are "admin-only" plugins, which means that they are not accessible by users. For example, auto-profile generator is like that.

30. A two-tier caching mechanism has been implemented. First level is at page level - meaning that the entire page output has been cached. This is for certain types of pages only. The files for this are in /includes/internal directory. Second is at mysql data extraction level. This has bee implemented by creating two classes - cashedDB and mysqlc. These files are under /libs/pear directory. The idea is to reduce the number of database accesses by reading cached results whenever possible.

31.   A cronjob has bee included to remove all cache files which are older than the time limit set in configuration section. (cronjobs/delete_cache_files.php). You should establish this cronjob after installation.
Modifications and Improvements

1. New option has been added to remove DB definitions for a language from the database. If you want to drop one language definition from the database, use the admin Manage Language option to select the language, then click on 'Remove langauge from DB' button. This will remove all entries for the selected language from the database. Affected files: load_language.php and load_language.tpl.

2.   New option to delete zip codes for a country has been added. If you want to delete zip codes which have been loaded for a country, use the admin option "Load Zips" and select the country and then click the button 'Delete Zip Codes'. This will remove all loaded zip codes for the country. Affected files: load_zips.php and load_zips.tpl.

3.   Email message subjects are now being taken from Language File. Please see English Language file for sample and details. (various programs which send email messages are affected by this change)

4.   Advanced and Quick Profile Search results are now capable of sorting based on online users. This can be done once results are shown based on default sort order, i.e. username. Affected programs: advsearch.php, searchmatch.php, showsimpsh.tpl, advmatch.tpl

5.   UserName can be used as a Profile Display Parameter. You can define usage of username by giving the url showprofile.php?username=xx. This is controlled using the option in the site's global settings. If this is set to 'Y', the url will be built with the username instead of the user's unique id. Default is N which will show the url with id as the parameter.

If mod_rewrite is enabled in web server setup, the username usage will show like http://yoursitename/username. Otherwise it will be like http://yoursitename/id.htm. To use SEO, you must copy /SEF_URL/.htaccess.txt as .htaccess to your osdate root directory and /admin directory.
Pharg ( Phill )


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Re: What's in osDate script 2.xx
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2015, 06:35:50 AM »
The following programs have been modified for this improvement:

From directory /templates/default-blue: allstories.tpl, buddybanlist.tpl, deletemessages.tpl, fullstory.tpl, home_newuserlist.tpl, listviewswinks.tpl, mailmessages.tpl, newmemberlist.tpl, panelmenu.tpl, sentmessages.tpl, showmessage.tpl, stories.tpl
userresultview.tpl, userresultviewsmall.tpl

From directory /templates/default-blue/admin: approve_snaps.tpl, editglblsettings.tpl, featured_profiles.tpl, managestories.tpl, profile.tpl, reactivate.tpl, transactions.tpl, unapprovedusers.tpl, userresultview.tpl, userresultviewsmall.tpl

Other directories: /templates/romantic/homepage.tpl, /templates/silver-red/homepage.tpl

6.   The small profile display window and full profile display window will now show the number of pictures loaded by the user. In the small profile window, the count is linked to the user picture gallery. Affected files: userresultviewsmall.tpl, nickpage_basic.tpl, language file, admin/userpicgallery.tpl and smarty the function file function.checkuser.php.

7.   When a user's membership expires, now system will display the word 'Expired' rather than showing a negative number of days. Affected files: user_home_stats.tpl

8.   The home page is more compartmentalised. Now it has small snippets of tpl files for each activities and each can be placed where ever it is needed. Affected files: homepage.tpl, user_home_stats.tpl, special_offer.tpl, home_newuserlist.tpl, home_featured_profiles.tpl, home_membersincelastlogin.tpl

9.   New profiles shown on the home page and new member listing can be selected for members since the last xx days. This number of days are set in Admin Global Settings. Using this, you can list only members registered in last 30 days, 40 days, etc. Affected files: newuserlist.php, index.php

10.   The requirement of registration confirmation by the new users can be bypased. This is setup in Admin Global Settings. If this bypassing is set to 'Y', then new users will be activated immediately, if the default_user_status is set to be active. Otherwise, users must confirm their registration via email before activation. Affected files: editglblsettings.tpl, savesignup.php

11.   When a new user register, email will be sent to site admin. This is set in global settings. If this parameter is set to 'Y', then email will be sent to admin on new registrations. Affected files: language files, savesignup.php, editglblsettings.tpl

12.   Display of views and winks since xxx days before and to a maximum of xxx numbers. In Global Settings, there are two parameters introduced for this purpose. The first is no_last_viewswinks, which is the number of records to be shown. If date of last login produces more records, then all those entries will be listed. The second is last_viewswinks_since, which is the number of days before the current date from which the list should be shown. Affected files: editglblsettings.tpl, index.php, user_home_stats.tpl, listviewswinks.php,
listviewswinks.tpl, language files

13.   Zip Codes loading program is modified to display filename and message properly. Affected files: /admin/load_zips.php, admin/load_zips.tpl

14.   At the time of installation, 'admin' is set as the default login if none is given during installation. Of course, this can be changed using the "Change Password" link in the admin panel after login. Present systems will have 'admin' as super user name. You can also change this using phpmyadmin by changing the value for the username field in table DBPREFIX_admin_user table.

15.   New provision is given to bypass Look Gender cross verification in searching. Affected files include: advsearch.php, searchmatch.php,   admin/editgblblsettings.tpl. The purpose is to avoid current cross verification of User Gender with the result set of searches. This bypass has been set as the default for all new installations of osDate.

16.   New provision is included in search to select only online users and/or users who have a photo. Affected programs include: advsearch.php, advsearch.tpl, language file

17.   Membership expiry date has been added as a column in Admin Profile listing. This column is sortable. Afffected programs include: profile.php, profile.tpl, language file, init.php

18.   Pictures loaded count and videos loaded count have been added in the Admin Profile listing. Affected files include: profile.php, profile.tpl, language file

19.   Admin Approve Snaps page will now display the album name, if available. Affected files: approve_snaps.php, approve_snaps.tpl

20.   Advanced search has been modified to select profiles based on username. However, the gender cross validation should be disabled for this to work if you want to display users of the same gender. Affected files: advsearch.php

21.   The picture gallery display page has been modified to display x number of thumbnails in a row. This is set in the site Global Settings. Using this parameter, admin can limit number of thumbnails displayed per line in the album display page. Affected files: userpicgallery.tpl

22.   The messaging system now displays the picture of the user to whom the message is being sent. Affected files: compose.tpl

23.   The multiple registration confirmation issue is fixed. Now system will update 'Confirmed' word in place of confirmation code when the user confirms registration. Affected files: language file, completereg.php, savesignup.php

24.   When a new user signs up, admin will receive an email notification of this event. This is controlled in Global Settings. Affected programs: language file, savesignup.php, global settings

25.   When a user loads a new photo, admin will receive email notification of this event. Affected files: language file, global settings, savesnap.php

26.   New timezone details are being displayed during signup, so that users do not have to remember what their "GMT" zone setting is. Affected files: language file

27.   In the profile display window, now system will display all pictures loaded by the user in the public album. This will display all loaded publicly-viewable pictures in the profile window itself. A link is available to view the user's gallery from their profile. Affected files: language file, showprofile.php, nickpage.tpl, admin/getsnap.php, admin/nickpage.tpl, admin/showprofile.php

28.   The system no longer sends the intimation email of message receipt to users if they are online. This is provided as an option in global config settings. Affected programs: compose.php, editglblsettings.tpl

29.   Cosmetic display changes are done to the screen where profile questions and answers are displayed. Affected files: editquestions.tpl, admin/editprofilequestions.tpl, advsearch.tpl

30.   Banner management screen modifications have been made. The column headings are now sortable. Affected files: admin/managebanner.php, admin/managebanner.tpl

31.   The invite-a-friend page is now being made as integral page of the system rather than as a popup. Affected files: tellafriend.php,
index.tpl, tellafriend.tpl

32.   The user was previously able to rate his or her own profile. This is fixed. Affected files: nickpage_newrating.tpl

33.   There was a problem with section questions options management. Saving the edited option was removing the question name from the page. This is now fixed. Affected files: modifyoptions.php, sectionquestiondetail.tpl, sectionquestiondetail.php

34.   Feedback acceptance form has been modified to display the entered text if there is an error condition. Affected files: feedback.php, feedback.tpl

35.   The way in which the expiry message displayed in the user homepage has been modified. Affected files: language file, index.tpl, user_home_stats.tpl

36.   Advanced search can now search profiles with photos, with videos, and based on who is online. Affected files: advsearch.php, advsearch.tpl, language file

37.   The user and admin menus are more logically grouped. This affects the way the menus are displayed. Affected files: panelmenu.tpl, language file

38.   Newmemberlist program is improved. All headings are now made sortable as well as pagination is introduced. Affected files: newmemberslist.php, newmemberslist.tpl

39.   Emailing system is improved with new HTML based emails. By default, system is made to send html emails. New formats are given for following:

a) Registration confirmation email.
b) Profile activation email
c) Winks received message
d) Message received mail
e) Profile membership level changed information
f) Message read notification
g) Invite a friend
h) Buddy/Ban/Hot list added notification
i) Profile reactivation notification
j) Feedback email to admin
k) Forgot password retrieving
l) Membership expired and expiring messages

40.   Pagination has been introduced in allstories and allnews display pages. Affected files: index.php, allstories.tpl, allnews.tpl

41.   A new field has been introduced in the USER table to accept a small description about oneself. This field can
be set as non-displayable in the small profile window. This option is set in the Global Settings. Affected files: language file, global settings program, USER table, signup.php, savesignup.php, edituser.php, signup.tpl, edituser.tpl, admin/profileedit.tpl, admin/modifyuser.php, showprofile.php, userresultviewsmall.tpl, nickpage_basic.tpl, admin/showprofile.php

42.   Affiliate login page has been modified to incorporate a "forgot password" option.

43.   /includes/internal/Functions.php has been modified to include HTML injection blocking.

44.   /admin/sendletter.php has been modified to select multiple genders - i.e. the gender selection is now a checkbox rather than a radio button. Affected files: sendletter.php, sendletter.tpl

45.   The default male.jpg, female.jpg and couple.jpg have been moved to the /templates/skinname/images directory. This was originally in /images directory. This will make things easier to have default pictures specific to each template. All existing systems using any skin other than the default ones, or those supplied by tufat.com must take care of this point! i.e. male.jpg, female.jpg and couple.jpg
and any other non-default jpg files should be copied to the /templates/skin/images/ directory.

46.   The mailSender() function has been improved. Now each program has to send only the data portion and most commonly used values (those shown below) will be replaced by this function. This function also will add an HTMLemail wrapper to each email if mail format is HTML.

#AdminName#, #link#, #SiteUrl#, #SkinName#, #siteName#, #AdminEmail#

47. Userpicgallery display program has been modified. A new showpic_iframe.tpl is displayed in the iframe using showpic_iframe.php program. This is to align the picture to in the center, and to entire that there is a uniform background color. A new css class .picgallery has been defined.

48.   A new interface has been added in the admin area to view the calendar of events, just like the one given for users. Affected files: calendarevents.php, calendarview.php, event.php

Other New Features


The usage of shoutbox is controlled in Configuration Settings. It must be enabled if you want your users to use it. Shoutbox's look and feel can be adjusted in /templates/default/shoutbox.tpl. Number of messages to be kept in the system and to be displayed in the shoutbox, and the refresh time, is set in configuration settings.

Watermarking of images with watermark image

Uploaded images can be watermarked using watermark images now. At present, watermarking is done using characters only. To enable watermarking using a watermark image, specify the image file name in the configuration setting Watermark Image (the filename should include the directory in relation to the osDate root path, for example /images/watermark.jpg). Also, remove any text given in watermark_snaps field. Watermark image should be either jpg or png.

Manage user pictures in Admin section

A new interface is provided in the Admin area to manage pictures of a member. You can load and/or delete pictures of a user as well as change the album id. From the profile listing window, click on the pictures count. This will bring up user pictures display page, just like userpicgallery. Click on the Manage Pictures pictures on the right hand top corner. This will start the manage pictures page.

Loading of States, Counties and Cities

New option is available in Admin area to load these into the database directly rather than entering them using the Manage Country link. This will reduce the data population time considerably, if the CSV file for the country/state/city exists. These will be slowly added as osDate develops, most likely.


A Blog feature was introduced in osDate v2. Now, admin and users can create their own blogs. The blog controls (settings) are common for all blog entries, once set. Multiple blog entries can be created. These will be listed in the home page and can be viewed by the general public. Only members and buddies can comment, in case of user blogs.

Though you can add pictures to the title and blog text, it is suggested that you AVOID this as it will may distort the blog interface.

Watched Profiles of Users

Users can manage their own Watched Profiles list. A new program is provided to manage user watched profiles. When the user is looking at the profile of another member, they can add that profile to watched list, if it is not already in the list. Using the link 'Watched Profiles' from the menu, they can manage the list.

Spam Control Mechanism

Spam control code entry is introduced in the various programs given below. This will force the user to enter the code shown as image to accept inputs. Spam control was added to these specific programs since they could conceivably be used to send e-mail spam, or because they could be used by a hackbot to gain unlawful access.

New User Registration
Invite a friend
Feedback to admin
Message sending
Password changing

Profile questions and answers are multi-language capable.

We have included translations for some languages. The translated profile files are kept in respective language directory where lang_main.php resides for respective languages. There may be some translations pending or missing, which are "filled in" by the corresponding English language file. The English language files are assumed to be always up-to-date since the developers of osDate are speakers of English.

How to make changes and/or additions to the profile questions for other languages?

You should create all profile questions and options in English. Then using the /admin/convert_profile_questions.php, you must make the file profile_questions.php. This file is made in the DOC_ROOT/temp directory. You must copy this file to respective language directory and make the translations. The default one is in English and must be in the table as it is.

User menu can display all available options, even if there is no privilege to use it.

This is set in global settings (display_all_menu_items). If this option is set to Y, menu will list all options. However, the clicking of the option will show a message asking the user to upgrade their membership level.

This is very useful to "lure" members into upgrading, by showing them the available options upon upgrade.
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