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Hi Phill,

just registered a new user and the birth date gets proper saved and displayed :-)

osDateEvo General Help / Adult Questionnaire in profile ?
« Last post by landste on January 10, 2017, 10:42:41 AM »
Why can not I see Adult Questionnaire in the profiles if users have responded to the
Hi Dave,

Did you test registering a new user to see if the birthdate is still working and it still adds the correct
birthdate on the profile?
Hi Phill,

yes indeed it's

CheckFieldString("alphanumeric",form.txtcity,"{lang mkey='signup_js_errors' skey='city_charset'}"); i posted the line after i changed it for testing..

For the Birthday, the field is now blocked thnx to KHDEV with the tweak on the Template, but i had also to remove everything related to the Birthday in modifyuser.php.

Now the right Birthday is displayed but greyed out and readonly and it get's not modified after pushing the submit Button :-)
I tested it and it works so far without problemes
osDateEvo Tips & Tricks / Re: Working on a mod on Evo1
« Last post by Pharg on January 10, 2017, 06:47:46 AM »
Hi kanyeevel,

You will need to add it in the dropdownpanelmenu_big.tpl and the dropdownpanelmenu_mid.tpl as this is where the plugins menus are now, you will see this at line 317.

It's starts with:
Code: [Select]
{* The modmenu when user use php 5.4 and above *}
{foreach item=item key=key from=$menumod }
< ====Plugin menus links added here ====>

You Must add to both menus
osDateEvo Tips & Tricks / Working on a mod on Evo1
« Last post by kanyeevel on January 10, 2017, 04:38:32 AM »
Hi pharg so i started on this mod for Evo1 but i cant seem to get it to display on the frontend or even at the admin panel. I have created a plugin for it which shows up o the plugin menu. It worked on 2.6 wen i tested, but dont seem to work out on evo. Can u try it out and see if i am missing anything. Find attached-->
Hi Dave,

Did you check to see if leaving this blank goes through, as this might happen now.

I would have thought this one would be causing the problem:
Code: [Select]
CheckFieldString("alphanumeric",form.txtcity,"{lang mkey='signup_js_errors' skey='city_charset'}");

For everyone that want this check removed (not really working proper as the js. file allows city names only with Numbers) in edituser.tpl:

Just remove this line:

CheckFieldString("text",form.txtcity,"{lang mkey='signup_js_errors' skey='city_charset'}");

Hi KHDev,

Thanks for the help, bit hard at time when they don't tell you the error is in a different template that we didn't make  ::)

I have looked into the "alphabetic" notice when special characters are present and it appears to be caused by the js validation in the edituser.tpl file.

The main reason the validation will fail seems to be when users input their country,city or zip manually (not from a pre-defined list) and use special characters OR when a special character has been used in the code field when creating a country,city or zip via the admin panel as the "alphanumeric" check is limited by

Code: [Select]
var alphanumeric_chars = "0123456789.+-_#,/ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ()_"

Seems removing the alphanumeric check from edituser.tpl for the fields seems to solve the issue, although not sure if it will have any other effect.

osDateEvo Bugs / Re: PayPal IPN reoccuring payments help needed????
« Last post by Pharg on January 09, 2017, 09:08:07 PM »
Hi Heebeha,

Your best bet is to hire a developer, there are plenty of them on the net.
Like or, and so on.

This was a quick search using google.  ;)
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