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First of all thanks for building such a wonderful platform.
I am using this framework for building matrimony website.

I want to restrict guest users to only have a view of basic profile. Rest if user is logged in he should be able to view entire details of profiles available.
Please let me know how can I enable this feature in my site.

Re: How can I set Permission for Registered Viewer and guest user.
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Hello Pharg

Thanks for your reply.
based on your reply
"Quest can't the profile at all, if you have the latest copy of osDateEvo and click a photo they get redirected to login or register."

But I have already running website, so can I migrate to evo directly, without disturbing my data base?
Please let me know forum link if any to migrate from OsDate (version 2.6.5) to osDateEvo.



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Re: How can I set Permission for Registered Viewer and guest user.
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Hello embdlabs,

You can use your osdate 2.6.5 database with the osDateEvo script no need to install it, just use the same config.php from the temp/myconfigs/ folder and all the photos also will need to be copied to the correct folders.

Might be better to just copy the entire temp folder to osDateEvo and override the new temp folder.

Only change in the database is send the gifts with you can import to your old database from the SQL folder called gift_mod.sql

All the templates have been changed to work with mobile devices and the php core has also changed.

There is also some changes to the language files you might want to look up.

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