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[osDate 2.5] Newly available small profile displays
« on: January 20, 2013, 01:19:40 PM »
There are 3 small profile displays available now.
These are used in following sections based on the value given in Global settings for respective options.
The display method 'tiny' will display using smallprofile.tpl and 'mini' will display using userresultviewsmall.tpl

Member's since last login display - lastuserlist_display
Featured profiles display - featuredprofiles_display
Advanced search results - advmatch_display
Simple search results - searchmatch_display
MyMatches display - mymatches_display
IP Location profiles display - iplocation_profiles display

Default is 'tiny' for all of these. When you use 'tiny' display method, it will display 5 profiles in one line where as 'mini' display will show 2 profiles per line.
The third display method is min_profile.tpl. This is used in Birth Day profiles display system.
CBG (Garry)
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