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[osDate 2.5] Menu Management System for user interface
« on: January 20, 2013, 01:18:25 PM »
Now there are three user menu display options available.
(a) current normal full menu on side panel,
(b) Folded menu which will expand on mouse over on side panel, and
(c) Top drop down menu system.

This is set up in Global Settings, the option are:
Side Full Menu will display current full menu as such.
Side Fold Menu will display folder menu on side panel.
Top Menu will display top drop down menu.

All users must adjust the default.css file for color rectifications based on your skin used and your liking.

This menu is now available ONLY in DEFAULT Template. All other templates must adjust following files:
a) /templates/yourskin/default.css using /templates/default/default.css file as base
b) /templates/yourskin/leftcolumn.tpl file using /templates/default/leftcolumn.tpl file as base
c) /templates/yourskin/panelmenu.tpl file using /templates/default/panelmenu.tpl file as base
d) If you need to add items to the menu system, please modify /templates/yourskin/panelmenu_options.tpl and dropdownpanelmenu.tpl and sidedropdownpanelmenu.tpl files (if not available, copy it from /templates/default/ folder)
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