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[osDate 2.5] IP based Location Identification System
« on: January 20, 2013, 01:21:01 PM »
osDate v2.5 introduces location identification process based on the IP of visiting user.

Data and routines available from www.maxmind.com is used for this purpose. (A set of GEO-Lite data from maxmind.com is kept as part of the system as sample. Please download full set of data from the site based on your choice and load it to osdatehomedir/geoip folder with the same file name as available now.) System will identify the location and use the descriptive names to identify the codes loaded in osDate (see the GEO Data loading).

For successful working of this system, all location data (Countries, States, Cities and Zips) MUST be loaded in the system.

If States, Cities and Zip codes are loaded in the system, then system will use this info based on the location data. A new display is provided (gender wise selection is possible) to show all profiles near to the location of the visiting user. The radius parameter for selection of profiles is kept in Global settings.

The session variable $_SESSION['iplocation'] will contain the location information which my be used for further processing, if needed. This contain country_code, country_name, state_code, state_name, city_code, city_name, latitude and longitude.
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