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[osDate 2.5] Changes in Picture Management
« on: January 20, 2013, 01:20:25 PM »
Now the system will create a pre-watermarked picture file and keep it in the /temp/cache/userimages/xxx/ folder (xxx is the userid). There will be three picture files for each picture loaded - tn_nn.xxx, pic_nn.xxx and full_nn.xxx (where nn is the picture number for that user, xxx is the extension of loaded file).

All original files loaded for each picture will be kept in /temp/userimages/xxx/ folder (xxx is the userid) in the format tn_nn.xxx and pic_nn.xxx (nn is the picture number and xxx is the extension of the file loaded), if Picture storage chosen is File System. System will automatically create thumbnail picture file when loading main picture file (if selected while editing and automatically while initial loading).

For existing systems, this will follow the underlined procedure.
a) If the picture is in DB, it will just create the watermarked picture files and keep in system.
b) If the picture is in FileSystem, it will first transfer current file from /temp/userimages/ folder to /temp/userimages/xxx/ folder (xxx is the userid) and remove existing file. Then it will create the watermarked picture file.

When the watermark is changed any time, or new picture is loaded, system will recreate the watermarked picture files on the fly while trying to access it.

This will reduce system resource usage manifold which will be felt gradually as the watermarked files are created on the fly initially while it is being accessed. Once it is created and if the created file is latest, it will use the watermarked file only.
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