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How can I offer a special upgrade with a promotional code TO ALL MY CURRENT PROFILES after they have made their FREE profile.  I want to advertise a promotional code in email or FACEBOOK or Google Adsense etc to my users.

Like this:  New Year Promo. Use this promo code to extend your current membership another 2 weeks FOR FREE .. "FB2weeks" This code is only useful to anyone who has a Hottie, Sexy, or Nymph level membership. Do not use this if you are a FREE member. I can then track everyone who uses this code from FACEBOOK, right?

In Google Plus I would use promo code: GP2weeks .. in Twitter I would use TW2weeks .. and so on, so I can track which promo is working best, from which site.

I want to make different promo codes for MY RETAIL OUTLETS. I will make posters for shops and include a PROMO CODE that extends the member's current level another 2 weeks. This would only be useful when a member upgrades their profile to a PAID LEVEL after making their FREE profile previously. So the code is NO USE when people make their FREE profile.

This way I can keep track of referals from the different shops by simply listing everyone who used each different promo code: Naughty but Nice, Brisbane .. NBNbris .. Naughty but Nice, Capalaba .. NBNcap etc

The idea is to know who is joining my site from which promo AND MOST IMPORTANT, I want to offer my RETAILERS a commission for promoting my site which will compensate them for the loss of income they incurr due to me NOT producting my printed magazine any longer. This is my manual way of tracking AFFILIATES cause the affiliate link isn't working. I can't even log into my own affiliate account MYSELF for ducks sake :(

I also want to offer other SPECIALS by using promo codes AFTER people make their profile.

How can I incorporate the PROMOTIONAL CODE FIELD in my homepage so EVERYONE can take advantage of periodical SPECIALS.

But HOW DO I INCLUDE THE PROMOTIONAL CODE FIELD IN THE HOMEPAGE with some text to explain how to use it?

"Use the promo code from the shop where you seen our ad and you will get extended membership at no extra cost".
"Use the promo code from my club email to upgrade your membership to SEXY (gold) for 7 days at no extra cost".

Who can help me include the promo code field in my homepage? I would like to put it at the top near the login fields,  or at the top of the left column above the site stats box. The user will also need to include their USERNAME with the PROMO CODE so the site knows who to credit. AND THAT SAME USER CANNOT RE-USE THE SAME PROMO CODE

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