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Payment bug
« on: April 23, 2014, 01:38:20 PM »
Dear Friends

I remember year ago when first time I used osDate that time I had the same bug and someone helped me in some forums I can't remember the website name anymore and I can't remember how I was able to fix this issue.

Now I just installed the new version of osDate and I can see the same bug here. When a user try to upgrade the membership there are two options

1) No payment required (Free)
2) PayPal

If a user click on continue button without selecting the above options then site gives the following error.

Input Array does not match ?: insert into osdate_transactions (user_id, invoice_no, from_membership, to_membership, amount_paid, txn_date, payment_mod, payment_status ) values ('93', '93-1398256468', '4', '1', '20.00', '20140423', 'Started',

I hope this serious bug is in your notice now, would appreciate if the experts can have a look and try to fix it :)


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Please move this topic to the Bugs section, as I am new to this forum I did not see there is already a Bugs section. My Apologies!
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