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Database error with MySQL 5.3 and over - Fixed
« on: January 20, 2013, 06:11:20 PM »
For those that are trying to install osDate v2.5.4 or v2.6 and have MySQL 5.3 and over.
You may have problems installed the database, during the install process.

This is due to changes in MySQL 5.3 and over.

Please see the download links below for osDate v2.5.4 and osDate 2.6.
Just download it and replace the whole sql folder and then try again.

Download links
osDate v2.5.4 SQL Fix: https://www.osdateforum.com/Download/osDate_v254_sql.zip
osDate v2.6 SQL Fix: https://www.osdateforum.com/Download/osDate_v26_sql.zip
CBG (Garry)
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